Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Background Part 2

March 2009: After Shawn proposed alot of people went from asking "When are you getting engaged" to "when are you getting married" and some even asked, "after you get married when are you having babies". It was alot of questions but ones I had already been asking myself. Since learning at an early age I already had PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and would most likely have fertility issues, it scared me a little when one day I thought "what if we get married and can't get pregnant on our own".

April 2009: Being the worry wart that I am, I made an appt with the OB/GYN to ask questions, do the yearly exam etc.. I wanted to know how things had progressed and what we were looking at so Shawn and I could talk about it before getting further in the wedding planning. Granted, I knew no matter what the outcome that Shawn loves me unconditionally and that possibly facing infertility wouldnt change the way he felt. BUT, we had always talked about having our own children and I wanted him to know that I wasnt keeping any info from him or misleading him in anyway. So the appt comes and goes, I ask all my questions, she runs some tests and tells me she'll call me with the results. A week goes by and I get "the call". I was so upset.
The tests came back that my cysts had multiplied and that further testing would be needed before being able to really go in detail about what we were facing. She wanted us to talk it over decide where we stood and get back with her. Shawn and I talked and decided that we would keep planning the wedding, and after that then we would go from there, since we weren't at the point where we wanted to make any definitive plans for having a baby. One step at a time.... but all along, in the back of my mind I wondered if we'll get to have our own baby.

1 Year later:
Our wedding day came, April 3, 2010. It was everything that I dreamed of; everything that mattered came together beautifully, thanks to my amazing husband, wonderful parents, in laws and fabulous friends! We weren't even back from our Honeymoon when I got an email telling us congrats and wanting to know when we were going to start a family, lol!

We got back to our routine and it was the middle of June 2010 and I was out and about and saw this little girl. She was absolutely gorgeous! Porcelain skin, gorgeous red curly hair and brilliant blue eyes. My heart sank, I realized I had baby fever. I've always dreamed of having a little girl with curly red hair and blue eyes and seeing her just made me really want to know what I was going to face when we were ready to have a baby.

And so it begins.......

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Background Part 1

Having been together for  9 years, we've naturally talked about what we'd want from each other as partners and for our future together, which for both of us included children. We talked about time frames and how many children but never felt concerned that it might not happen, until recently.

But first, the back story :)

Before we met: I never had a "normal" period. I got my first period in 7th grade (i was 12) and like most Sex Ed classes tell you, for the first little while they may not happen every month until your system regulates. Well that was all well and good but I would go several months in between. Going to the Dr's I was told this was normal and that if things didn't regulate by the time i was 15 to come back and they'd go from there. Well 15 years old rolls around things still aren't normal so i was referred to the OB/GYN. I was put on BC to "help regulate my cycle". I have to say I HATED BC b/c it made me feel horrible and I gained weight like it was going out of style.
Yearly check up at 16 and got the news that I had some cysts on my ovaries. That's a lot for a 16 year old to digest but was told that the cysts could come and go, probably b/c of the BC and may be the cause of my irregular, almost non-existent periods. I was told it's nothing to really worry about and we would keep an eye on it to keep my weight under control and trying to loose some weight might help jump start my periods naturally.

Enter Shawn: We met in February of 03' through Jess, a mutual friend; he was a HS Senior and I was a Junior. Looking back, we were both very level headed and mature for our age. We had already talked about our goals in the next 4 years which both included us graduating HS and going to college. Before officially deciding that we wanted to be exclusive, we had to have "THE Talk". It was a very nervous conversation on my part, not b/c i didn't want to tell him I was on BC, but because I didn't want to tell him WHY I was already on BC. He listened and was supportive and it was that summer following his graduation and me getting ready to go back to HS as a Senior for us to make it official that we were an item. My Senior year flew by and his first year in college did too. We were always talking about the future and dreaming about how we wanted things to turn out. We both agreed that we wanted to graduate high school (CHECK!) and College before getting married and then starting a family after a year or so. Even though some of our friends were already getting married and/or having children, we enjoyed their happy moments and I dreamed of ours :)

I finished college in 07' with an Associates degree and he was following shortly in 09' b/c he was getting a Bachelor's degree w/ a minor. So when I graduated College and knew he would be soon, I started really getting into the idea of getting engaged, having a decent engagement and getting married. In the back of my mind I always had a life plan schedule of getting married by 23 and start a family by 25. I was 21 when I graduated college so that was putting me somewhere on track for my imaginary life plan. We talked more about getting married and he surprised me in February of 09' by asking me to marry him. Of course I said YES!

Part 2 coming up!

First things First!

First, let me say i'm new to blogging but it seems pretty simple, so here goes:I am starting my own blog for those of you who are searching for answers or info on infertility or are looking for those of us going through or have gone through the same thing as you. For the latter, I hope my experiences and info can help give you some form of comfort in a difficult time in your life as the blogs i've followed have helped me.

I am currently 25 years old, married to Shawn, a wonderful man who I know is my soul mate and we have one dog, Scout (Jack Russell mix).

This is Our Journey!